Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Progress Tutorial, Brief Amendments & Confirmation

Brief 1/ Colour Exhibition:
Identity, Promotion, Posters, Tickets, Invitations, Event Guide - Editorial.

Brief 2/ Pancake House Men's Fashion Store:
Identity, Concept, Theme, Brand, Application across a range.

*After discussion with Amber and fellow students during the tutorial it became more obvious that the brief to brand the pancake house brief was going to end in resolutions that would be too similar to the collaborative restaurant branding brief. Therefore I have swapped it for one of my other brand identity briefs from the 10 I collected over summer, to one based on a Men's clothing/fashion store. The updated version of this brief is shown at the bottom of this post. Perhaps some of my ideas initially generated will be possible to carry over into the restaurant branding once that briefs begins later in the module.

Brief 3/ Restaurant Branding (Collaboration)
Concept Restaurant, Identity, Interior/Exterior, Menus, Packaging.

Brief 4/ ISTD
'Putting on a fresh face'


Men's fashion store brief that replaces the pancake house brief.

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