Sunday, 31 July 2011

Plastik Banana

A selection of work here by a neat little Spanish studio, Plastik Banana. Based in Zaragoza, they work on a wide range of projects from brand/identity to illustration and poster art. I particularly like their bold self branding using yellow and black on square business cards and circular stickers - that along with the cool name makes it a memorable studio brand.

Lundgren + Lindqvist

Great little identity developed for financial construction firm, Loft by Swedish studio Lundgren + Lindqvist. It has a really nice strong, sturdy but contemporary feel which perfectly suits the image the client wants to project.

Saturday, 30 July 2011


HEYDAYS is a beautiful Norwegian graphic design studio based in Oslo that specialises in printed media and creative/art direction. They clearly show classic, contemporary Scandinavian design traits often including bold type with simple shapes and colour palettes and everything is presented immaculately. I particularly like their self branding project and also that for Berg & Berg apparel but their whole portfolio showcases work that is so carefully considered and produced to such high quality with careful attention to detail. I also really love the design of their website.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Manifiesto Futura

Manifesto Futura is a contemporary creative studio based in Monterrey, Mexico. They've produced some great business stationery sets and visual identities as well as beautiful publications. I think the brand developed for 'Shot' photography studio with the black and neutral colour scheme and a neat little logo really hits the mark with regards to how effective the simplicity of the design is. Photography is regularly visible in their practice which is then often creatively combined with colour and type.