Sunday, 27 February 2011


Yonil a.k.a Jonathan Lax is an Israeli illustrator and graphic designer. I really like his approach to image making and the authentic and original quality feel it has to it. His work combines many elements that I try to incorporate into my own work; hand drawn image, typography, layout, a printed resolution.

Tony Benna

Awesome 3D paper crafting by American illustrator Tony Benna who is a director at San Francisco agency, Mekanism. Really well considered and sculpted forms that are extremely atmospheric due to the way they have been presented and recorded. The combination of materials gives a really personal feel to his work as well.

Chrissie Macdonald

Beautifully crafted 3D paper forms by Chrissie Macdonald. Carefully crafted with great attention to detail that range from cuter, illustrative approaches to more realistic set ups all of which are presented and photographed as to convey real personality and mood.

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