Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Working Format

Working Format is a Vancouver-based design studio founded by Abi Huynh, Grace Partridge & Ross Milne specializing in graphic design, art direction and type design for print and screen. Working Format collaborates with creative agencies and clients throughout North America and Europe, producing a diverse body of work across cultural and commercial fields.

Beautifully considered print-based graphic design agency. Just the type of work that I am aiming towards producing. I like everything about their work from the format and layout of poster and publication pieces -  to the application of colour and their very own typefaces.

Google : Think Quarterly

Selected pages and spreads from the first issue of Google's Think Quarterly book designed by Church of London.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Generation Press

Awesome promotional package by Generation Press. Features numerous postcards and fold out posters showcasing what they do and what they are about through the designs applied to each piece along with all of the specialist stocks and finishes used. 
This is very useful for the ycn brief as we are aiming to produce something of a similar format that contains postcards.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

iwant design

Great paper crafting and installation work by iwant design company. The way they have arranged and photographed their paper based installations will be a useful source of inspiration when we come setting up own paper webpage for ycn which is to be photographed.

Julien Vallée

Really imaginative paper based installation work by French/Canadian designer Julien Vallée. High impact visuals that communicate very easily and effectively. I particularly like the 3D paper MTV installation as it coveys a real feeling of energy and excitement. Also the simplicity of the plain paper roll behind the tree is beautifully considered and well thought through.