Thursday, 25 August 2011

Here Design

Here Design is a small team of multi-disciplinary designers based in London that has quickly built up an impressive portfolio since it was set up in 2005. The stunning black and white editorial work in the 'Geometry of Pasta' cookbook was D&AD nominated in 2011 and for me is one of their stand out works. Some more of my favourite projects of theirs are shown below including the 'Gelupo' ice cream cafe and 'NOPI' restaurant but in truth I'd like to put most of their portfolio in this post. I feel their attention to detail and helps add a strong feel of quality and reassurance to all they turn their hand to which in turn makes the work more memorable.

Friday, 19 August 2011


Ok so I did a post on Anagrama back in June and since then have taken keen interest in their work. Now, a couple of lovely new projects means they have earned a second update on my blog. The first one is a classy visual identity for a young architects firm led by a striking logotype featuring the initials of the clients. The logotype is bold, dynamic and refined and the overall identity communicates pure quality and reassurance when combined with the off-white and black colour-scheme with hints of red. The versatility of the logo is clear to see as it is effective and legible across the stationery set including the folder and cardboard tube whilst it also looks great as a stamp.

The next project appears to be quite an unusual brief - for a latin american film studio that specialises in horror movies called Nemesis. Here, Anagrama have developed a beautiful and contemporary typographic monogram based on ancient runes that takes its place within a stunning black and white stationery set. The monogram works perfectly as the design for the stamp used with black sealing wax, which imprinted on the black stock with a slight eerie sheen comes together to convey a feel that is exactly relevant to the client. Careful attention to detail appropriate use of de-bossing helps build the air of quality whilst the wooden stake and silver bullets used in the photography are genius touches.

Cody Haltom

Cody Haltom is a designer at Public School in Austin, Texas who specialises in art direction, visual identity, illustration, print and interactive design. The beautifully simple black and white identity created for the Public School studio is highly effective with quirky twists such as the school card/ business card and range of stamps.

Hello Poster Show

A selection of silk-screen prints from the Hello Poster Show - a fund raising exhibition created by designers from around the world and founded in 2009 by Benjamin K. Shown and Alanna MacGowan.

Alanna MacGowan & Benjamin K. Shown

Derek Shimizu

Tom Futrell

Jodie Laczko

Jason Geiger

Lauren Jong

Terry Liu

Nicole Brimmer