Monday, 26 September 2011

Rationale & Research

A print driven investigation into identity and brand with a focus on process and finish.

This year I'm aiming to focus my practice around developing visual identities and brands which are applied through carefully crafted and effective print based resolutions. This will build on successful elements from last year which included publications, posters and promotional work whilst giving me the opportunity to make my work more commercial and professional.

Proposed research areas and themes:
In terms of the briefs themselves, I’ve tried to include subjects/themes relevant to the kind of small and medium size companies that I’d like to produce work for. Obviously designing for creative industries often allows much more freedom and so is highly competitive but I also intend to aim at independent and ‘boutique’ businesses which tend to look for creative identities and quality printed media. Themes can include; Exhibitions & Events, Food & Drink, Retail and Travel. I will also be maintaining the kind of research I did over summer into design studios that reflect the direction I want to move in and the type of work and resolutions I want to produce for my portfolio.

Proposed visits:
Manchester Print Fair 2011.
Manchester International Artists Book Fair 2011.
Leeds International Artists Book Fair 2011.
LCA Pop Up Shops

Logology 2 (Victionary)
Typography Sketchbooks (Stephen Heller)
Production Manual
Graphic Design Theory (Helen Armstrong)
IdN Magazine
Eight:48 Magazine
How to be a graphic designer without losing your soul


Websites/Online Resources:
Heydays -
Raw -
Alva -

Additional Activities:
Conduct interviews to support dissertation.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Rationale Clarification #2

Practice umbrella statements:

- A print based investigation of brand identity with a focus on typography.
- An editorial and layout investigation into publications and promotional material with a focus on format and finish.
- A hand drawn and digital investigation of typography with a focus on custom lettering and font design.
- A print based investigation into promotion and packaging with a focus on type and colour.
- A concept driven investigation into brand identity with a focus on print.

Current final statement:

- A concept driven investigation into brand identity with a focus on design for print.

Example project by Anagrama

Rationale Clarification

Friday, 9 September 2011


Genuinely stunning type-led print work by Portuguese studio Alva. They are a multi-disciplinary studio but I've picked out a few pieces of editorial, print and typography that are of particular interest to me. I really like their fresh and independent style often featuring beautiful custom lettering and typefaces as well as high-impact colour.

Flydende Lava

Some lovely examples of experimental typography and it's application into editorial layouts. Produced by Danish designer Daniel Siim under the studio name Flydende Lava.

Lundgren + Lindqvist

Some great new projects released by Swedish design bureau Lundgren/Lindqvist. Updates include a beautiful monochrome stationery set for a photographer featuring atmospheric pixelated scenery images which I think works beautifully. Also there is a comprehensive set of modern logos/avatars for American Express and a very simple but effective identity for a furniture company.