Saturday, 31 October 2009

British Musuem: Moctezuma, Aztec Ruler

Great Court & Atrium

Mexica Turquiose & Jade Mosaic Mask

Stone Jaguar Warrior

Tlaloc, Mexica Rain God, Turquoise & Jade Mosaic

Double Headed Serpent, Turquoise, Jade & Red Oyster Shell Mosaic

These images are from an exhibition at the British Museum featuring the last Aztec ruler: Moctezuma.
The exhibit showcased intricately detailed jeweled masks and stone carvings with fine mosaic work in jade and turquoise. I like these pieces because they are incredibly striking with beautifully impressive colour work.

British Museum: Day Of The Dead, Mexican Festival

These photographs were taken at the British Museum where a special Mexican Festival honouring the dead was being celebrated. It is tradition for people to make paper mache skeletons and examples of these are shown above. They are beautifully crafted and have got a great character and personality about them whilst their lively form and composition combined with vivid colour make them entertaining to look at.



Peter Callesen

Christian Montenegro

Allister Lee


Martin Woodtli