Thursday, 10 March 2011

Fedrigoni website Vs GF Smith

The current Fedrigoni website is so dark and formal. If you were to take away the few images are there you could think that it was a webpage for a lawyer or funeral director. One of it's competitors - GF Smith - is much more on top of what they need to communicate to new and existing customers. Vivid inks and high resolution images of the stocks the company offers create a feeling of being able to touch the paper through the screen. 
As part of the ycn brief, we want to address the Fedrigoni website and create a 'paper webpage' which would take the form of an actual 3D installation which would then be photographed and proposed to be used as the image for a live website. We feel that if you aren't able to have the paper in your hand at that moment - you need the next best thing - a paper webpage. In a way we are aiming to straddle the boundary between Fedrigoni's physical paper and their online web presence.

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