Sunday, 6 March 2011

Fedrigoni Mountains

In 2008 Fedrigoni UK announced the opening of its revolutionary London showroom "a place for paper", where printers, end users, designers and specifiers can come and discuss their paper requirements with the wide range of creative papers Fedrigoni can provide.

This year Fedrigoni UK is running a number of exciting projects to raise its profile with both creative designers and printers alike.

The Project: The Fedrigoni Mountains
Inspired by Verona's surrounding snow-capped Dolomites, this project entitled 'The Fedrigoni Mountains', is a 3D installation of twelve rocky peaks built using some of Fedrigoni's speciality papers.

British Graphic Designer and Art Director Alex Ostrowski, and Illustrator and Set Maker Hattie Newmanhave just finished building The Fedrigoni Mountains, an impressive model mountain range, fashioned using Fedrigoni papers.

The pair also commissioned twelve intrepid illustrators to 'explore' the paper slopes and visualise their discoveries on B1 sheets of paper. Each paper peak was peppered with tiny model clues, including a plane, a native village and an abandoned camp. The illustrators elaborated on these landmarks to conjure an imaginary adventure up the mountains.

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