Saturday, 11 June 2011


Came across this stunning Mexican design studio, Anagrama in the latest edition of IdN Magazine (Volume 8 no.3). They focus on visual identity and brand development/positioning and apply their creative skills across whatever platforms are necessary and appropriate to the client. The layout and presentation of each project is executed beautifully and the range of work on the website is exactly my kind of thing. They seem to work across a lot of printed media with approaches including digital, hand drawn imagery and illustration, typography and custom lettering, publications and packaging.

This is the bio on Anagrama taken from IdN magazine: 
Anagrama specialises in brand development and positioning, providing creative solutions for any type of project. It has made an intentional break with the traditional creative-agency set-up, integrating both creative and business experts. The Anagrama team recognises no boundaries when it comes to clients, working on everything from architecture to software design.

No apologies for the length of the post, there was so many projects in their online portfolio I liked I couldn't decide what to post! 
There's just something about Latin American graphic design...

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